At Baretzky and Partners our risk mitigation and Cyber-Operations planning processes the developing options and actions to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to your project objectives. We focus on risk mitigation implementation by actionable processes in the executing risk mitigation actions. Our risk mitigation for Cyber-Operations process includes monitoring and tracking identified risks as well as identifying new risks. With these services Management can properly evaluate existing risk process for their effectiveness and if necessary properly remediate material weaknesses and control deficiencies throughout all phases of the Entities Operations.

Our Mitigation & Remediation services provide Management and Internal Audit teams with the capabilities to develop and periodically review their Cyber Integrity with a B & A Cyber Security Assessment. These assessments can include creation and auditing of strategic road-maps, writing of policies and produces, and control review. With these work-products Management is empowered to document the power of their operating rules, risk mitigation measures, and risk/liability profiles full.

Baretzky and Partners are committed to customer service, professional competence, and the highest standards of integrity. Our vision is to serve the corporation and private sector, providing these services with excellence, to forward the cause of effective self-governance by Policy. While a One-Stop Solution Provider, we maintain exceptional competence in Cyber Risks, World Wide Web, DeepWEB & DarkWeb Networks, Social media, Insider Threat Detection, Critical Infrastructure, Terror related Risks, GDPR compliance, AML prevention, and ATF certification.

Because of these capabilities, our IT Audits are complete and more thorough that others, and provide a complete picture, not just the control practice statements and swimlane diagrams which are used by many as the total work product of their audits.